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Data: 28.01.2010

Autore: Andreas da Trikala, Grecia

Oggetto: Memories

I do not remember very well if this Trattoria it is the same that I was getting my meals while I was staying for 3 months in Firenze when I was 20 years old, a young student in Architecture between Oct. 1973 to Dec. 1973, but I remember the place behind the Via Del Prato and one Trattoria like this. During all these years which means 35 years passed away (now I am on my 56!) I'm intending to visit again Firenze from March 1st, 2010 to March 4th and I was ALWAYS wanted to get into this trattoria and eat again their delicious plates together with my wife this time!! I remember of a family in this trattoria having the chef who was the father to behave so strictly with the clients asking as much as silence during meals from them, and when the time for payment was comig, he was behaving very polite with a smile waiting a thank you from you also. The meals were exceptional with a special very low price! He was the father also of a son and a daughter and her wife was working with him. All these during 1973! Now I'm coming back to Firenze after all these years and I hope that I will taste again and again the food which is prepared from this special family... This is to write to them of how much I loved their trattoria and how much I was desired to visit them all these years. Actually its a whole life! The must be proud that people are remembering tham for so long time like myself. Be blessed! Soon I'll be in Florence...

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