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Data: 15.12.2020

Autore: Neri Oxman


You all don't seems to get right help that's why you keep falling for wrong hands it just too bad and also I don't blame a lot of people out there falling for this scam fake hackers who only wants to get some cash out of you for their own best interest and neither seems to care of how the victim feels. It's just so unfair after paying upfront for a job and never get a prove or not even a clue of what you paid for that sounds so bad to, I took my time thinking of how to get and find a real hacker to help save and solve my problems as a personal assistant to an high political Seniority man in the state I find it difficult to keep an eye on my daughter all the time work as been hooking me up always since my wife passed away my daughter as been my only priority not until i had to figure out some real issues with work as well some scum bags as been hacking into my database and leaking out lots of private personal information I was on the ran seeking for a real big help now I meet a lot of hackers comment online lot and lots of people saying good things about him E A G L E S P Y H A C K E R @ G M A I L . C O M

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